Virtual Work-Experience ProgramExperience what it's like to work at the largest multinational law firmRequest Application
Application Deadline
Open - June 5 2024
Program Duration
4 Weeks
Jun 15, 24 - Jul 21, 24
Time Commitment
10 hrs/wk
Completion Awards
Referral Letter by Dentons, Certificate of Completion


Discover Your ToolkitKey topics and competencies students will acquire and develop during their learning journey.

Case Analysis & Drafting

You will learn how to effectively identify the facts and issues of a case and write commentary on them. You will also learn how to draw conclusions f...

Legal Research

Legal Research is a very important skill to master which helps you find answers for various legal questions, cross check precedents and focus on the f...

Commercial Dispute Resolution

Successful law firms dedicate themselves to being the business partner of their clients on top of being a legal advisor. Through the relevant skills y...


Discover Your Weekly Program Journey4-week roadmap to define each stage of a virtual work-experience program.
Week 1

Orientation Week

Get introduced to the program, your mentors and Dentons. You will learn how a law firm operates and begin preliminary research on the program project.

Week 2

Competence Week

You will obtain all the required skills to complete the project. Through a series of skills lectures you will get a fully immersive learning experience and all the adequate skills.

Week 3

Development Week

You are now equipped with the adequate skillset to complete the program. Applying your knowledge onto the project and working as a team is the focus.

Week 4

Pitch Week

In your final week you will submit your project for mentor feedback. In the final night you will pitch your project and findings to Dentons representatives and upon completion, receive a referral letter.


Our Students Success Stories

Discover the inspiring stories of our students who have gained invaluable industry experience.
Dane G. - Uber Testimonial
Dane G.Uber Program Alumni

This program opened my eyes to what life would be like when I enter the workforce - it was an amazing experience.

Jimmy Z. - PwC Testimonial
Jimmy Z.PwC Program Alumni

It was such an exciting program and I felt that I gained skills I would never have got in school. I do think that by doing this I have a much clearer understanding of what I want to do in the future

Vanik C. - Uber Testimonial
Vanik C.Uber Program Alumni

It’s a great opportunity to take a step into the career path, specifically business. This can really help you when you are applying for college.

Matteo G. - Dentons Testimonial
Matteo G.Dentons Program Alumni

I would do this (internship) whether I was sure of law or not..I genuinely had so much fun, and the case study was just so interesting! Analyzing a hypothetical, real-like case was so interesting. I would recommend it.

Audrey P. - Ferrari Testimonial
Audrey P.Ferrari Program Alumni

I learned to learn in this process. I had to read and research, and I believe in the university there will be a lot more harder concepts so it definitely helps.

Jessie Z. - PwC Testimonial
Jessie Z.PwC Program Alumni

Overall it’s been very good, I learned a lot about consulting. It was really fun to work in a group to find different kinds of solutions and do research.

Evan Z. - Uber Testimonial
Evan Z.Uber Program Alumni

My overall experience was really good. I met some really good teammates and the content delivered by the mentor was really good and eye-opening. It’s definitely going to help me in my future. It was really interesting and really helpful.

Afa - Dentons Testimonial
AfaDentons Program Alumni

It’s a starting guide or a starting point for people (students) who are interested in law. Because I recently chose law to pursue as my career, and this program helped me to understand it on a higher level.

Vincent H. - Ferrari Testimonial
Vincent H.Ferrari Program Alumni

The seminars were well-ordered in their complexity and depth so everything is well sorted out until the end. It was a really interesting experience because we got to talk to higher executives from the company as high school students.

James L. - PwC Testimonial
James L.PwC Program Alumni

Final pitch was the part I really enjoyed the most. It taught me how to create a proper business proposal. It was a really good process of researching and thinking. It really adds value to my life.

Jason L. - Uber Testimonial
Jason L.Uber Program Alumni

The content for the cohort was quite interesting and solid.

William K. - PwC Testimonial
William K.PwC Program Alumni

It’s been very productive. All the module sessions were really helpful to learn what consulting is, it helped me in my pre-college program in Columbia and it shows a direct translation from the program to real-life university experience.

Caiden H. - Ferrari Testimonial
Caiden H.Ferrari Program Alumni

This program gave me an introduction to engineering and gave me a good start to understand how it works. It exercises teamwork to complete a project which is quite similar to what it’d be like for an actual engineering job!

Sourish R. - Dentons Testimonial
Sourish R.Dentons Program Alumni

To someone who’s unsure if they want to pursue law, this program can provide them a good guidance of whether they can see themselves being a lawyer.

Andrei - Uber Testimonial
AndreiUber Program Alumni

Benefits that I got from the program were getting a real life work-experience for the first time and the recommendation letter that looks great in your CV. Lastly is the bonus on business knowledge

Tatiana K. - Ferrari Testimonial
Tatiana K.Ferrari Program Alumni

I gained theoretical knowledge and a chance to apply them to real-life situations like building a car. It’s very useful because we don’t experience that in high school.

Anuar B. - PwC Testimonial
Anuar B.PwC Program Alumni

I was always interested in consulting and the PwC program gave me an exceptional opportunity to kickstart my career in the field. Now consulting is a career that I definitely want to go down and I'm excited to continue pursuing it at Columbia!


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